Message Backup Bot, has failed too get past verification, due policies that SnailDOS didn’t follow. Too resolve this, the team is REWRITING THE BOT!
Here is some sneak peaks of what is coming soon:

p2p encryption. faster loading cached config always online technology Better backup managment Faster restoring Progressbars Shards Attachment support EXPORT SUPPORT! and more

SnailFM! Huh? What’s that?

SnailFM is a new radio station, that SnailDOS proudly runs. It includes little songs that artist’s want to be known, and large songs, that are wonderful! Either way, SnailFM is a place too listen too music. Download the app (Windows / Linux Support Coming Soon) or head too the youtube link, enjoy those tunes! Oh? What’s that? You hate it how you can’t see the songs playing? NO WORRIES! SnailFM has a NOW PLAYING function that shows what song is currently playing.

Account/API system

Some services like SnailFM and site, are getting ACCOUNT SUPPORT. That means, that you can register, and have your own dedicated page, full of information just for you.

Database/Security Updates

Infrastructure gets old sometimes, and that’s why we simply update it. We have spent alot of money this update, too ensure the security standards are above our expectations. All our servers have the latest patch, and the network security is getting upgraded everyday

How long will it take for this update too roll in?

Simply just too explain it, *A while*. The reason because of this, is developers are already working on this, writing the features line by line, while I help and ensure the security, the performance, and every little service, big and small, are up too date, and people are happy with it.

Thank you for supporting SnailDOS

SnailDOS, is no longer a individual. It’s a team. Support us, and follow our Journey, as we get larger each step we take.

Job Experience

If you are interested in working at SnailDOS (OTA, Not physically) That is a valid option, just throw me a DM at my official Discord Server.

However, if you DONT want a experience, and simply you want too know how everything functions, I am happy too explain everything, again, just DM me.

Support is available in my Discord Server. A new Support Channel is coming soon. Thank you all, I appreciate it.