Hello hello hello! Tonight, I will be going through the updates that occurred during the past month! I’m going to do this in a list format, so enjoy!

New Status Page

We added a full new status system, available at https://status.snaildos.tk

SnailCraft (A modded experience)

SnailCraft is a all new MineCraft modpack, if you want to play, have adventures, create tools and explore, SnailCraft… is for you! Download on: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/snailcraft

Open-Sourcing Project

In SnailDOS, we believe all our services should be free, so, why not throw some open soup into our services! Introducing, SnailDOS-GIT. A place where you can view open sourced services! Ammmmmmmmmazzzzing! https://git.snaildos.tk

Message Backup (2021)

2021 is coming fast around the corner, and OH BOY are WE READY to verify this baby! Soon as we verify this bot, many people from near and far will be using our services! Yay!


  • Discord Revamp
  • Email Server
  • OpenSource services (Already happening!)

So, do you want to suggest a feature? Join our DISCORD!


Regards SnailDOS Team.