Hello everyone, I am going to be addressing the changes of SnailDOS.

Woah; This year… went fast! 2021 is coming soon, you know what that means? Message Backup! :O

Anyway, Here is what changed:

• Website has a 404 page 😮

• Website text revamp (every single text in the SnailDOS site has been changed)

• SnailCloud update

• SnailProx has been updated and reconfigured

• Reconfigured bandwith system

• Fixed RAM issues in Modded Minecraft Server

• Hit 180 downloads on SnailCraft 😮

• Recoded a whole bunch of old systems that where broken

• NO MORE WINDOWS. Windows infrastructure has been removed; totally. We have totally migrated to Linux :O

• Rewrote time system

• Fixed MariaDB

• Rewrote old site

• Added a totally new status page. (Beta)