Hello all, near and far. I will be writing this block post for the purpose of the future! So; first things first. There is MANY infrastructure changes that are getting planned.

What has been changed in this update?

  • I now own the Dream Machine Pro. We have a more secure and faster network after talking to our provider.
  • Database Updates
  • Planned server upgrades.

I’m going to list all these changes that are in the planned phase.

  • Website Redo. The site is old, It needs a reprogram.
  • Newsletters are planned. This could be coming, or maybe not.
  • More community interactions; I want SnailDOS to be a well known community.
  • Minecraft server, If you didn’t already notice, we own a minecraft server, I want to reprogram some of the API regarding authentication of the servers. (Password reset is a WIP.)
  • More advertisements. I don’t want people coming from one source, I want people from Message backup bot, to our minecraft servers across our services.
  • Our servers to be updated to the latest patch.

Cool, sounds good, what’s going on with this, Message Backup bot?
So, this bot absolutely EXPLODED. There is MANY people using this bot. In fact, So many people are using it that its maxed out on servers. No one can invite it anymore, Why is that?
The SnailDOS team has decided not to verify until 2021. This is so we can do some infrastructure revamps. Our networks, services, and features will be updated too top notch security, with developers that will work for us. The bot WILL BE VERIFIED IN 2021 AND HAS FEATURES PLANNED.

Alrighty, what’s going on in the future?

Future updates are planned, We need a network update, It needs a upgrade, it’s ancient and horrendous. So; Of course, Network update time! However; the equipment doesn’t fall off trees. (And if it did well it probably be broken). I don’t want to enforce restrictions or sort. But maybe consider donating to us at patreon https://www.patreon.com/snaildos ?
Why do I want donations, and what do I do with the money I receive. Of course, I can imagine people donating it and I just go buy a hamburger. Of course you DONT want that. So, Where does this money actually go? It goes power fees. If you didn’t already notice, our hardware is our OWN. It’s not microsoft azure or anything, it’s our own hardware. I always thought; “Heh, servers don’t use THAT much money do they?”. No, I was awfully wrong. It’s pathetic on how much money I spend on my servers. As well as that, I also need to hire developers, I’m a programmer, but I HATE making things myself, I usually hire a developer, tweak it, and make it public, but what’s it for my community? IT’S FREE! THE SERVICES ARE FREE, but there is always a tier up, again, it’s optional. Consider donating? Maybe?

What’s going on with OpenSource stuff on SnailDOS?

I love open source, but hate it. Why? People can redistribute it. Okay? Get a license? I rather not, I will open source some things such as mini projects I do.

Do you like Java (the programming language)?

No. Just. No. BUT, I like the compiling process. If you need a Jenkins build, please contact me, Happy to help 🙂

What gaming content will be on your youtube?

Same as normal.
However; I plan for more tech things, since.. SnailDOS is a tech corporation after all?

Bitcoin payments?

Uhu, Defiantly. That’s planned.

Will you move away from Patreon?

Let’s say No for now.

That’s all. Enjoy all. I’ll see ya all around.